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darrollhoward6 - Darroll Howard 3 weeks ago
darrollhoward6 - Darroll Howard

"25-30 mins later" more like 2hrs later, this is called super freezing when the water is below freezing but not solid unless agitated.

roomiesbetter - Char 3 weeks ago
roomiesbetter - Char

theres two water bottles at the end the one you took out was in after you put the other one in cause the cap is facing a different direction

30287888497 - 零來 3 weeks ago
30287888497 - 零來

bruh this is real. its called the supercooling phenomena. 過冷却ってゆー現象ですよ。これはガチです

makeupbychinadee - makeupbychinadee 3 weeks ago
makeupbychinadee - makeupbychinadee

I used to do it all the time with my bottled juices and waters. I had put my drink in the freezer and when I took it out it was still liquid so I slam

ssend100 - LETICIA’s CLASSICs 3 weeks ago
ssend100 - LETICIA’s CLASSICs

It’s either u switched your camera or u changed the bottle side cz they are not facing in the same direction maybe am just trippin

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