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  • A group of military men boarded early and saw me film this🙈if any of u see this, thnks for cheering me on! & for all you do❤️ #fyp #BornToGlow #4u

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chewitt39 - Carter Hewitt 3 weeks ago
chewitt39 - Carter Hewitt

I wasn’t sure what you were doing at first then noticed it was for a tik tok 😂 I shoulda asked to be in it 🤦‍♂️

_barackmobamba_ - yuh 3 weeks ago
_barackmobamba_ - yuh

Y’all do realize flight attendants have free time between flights...right? And maybe that’s why her hair is down too?

derek_jon - Derek 3 weeks ago
derek_jon - Derek

Then they all went awol from the military after seeing this and deciding the country wasn’t worth protecting anymore

notaubree - 🤠 3 weeks ago
notaubree - 🤠

@kazoo_kid08 I didn’t know my phone was on full volume 🤣 I never turned my volume down so fast in my life 🤣🤣🤣😂

crew10x - CREW10 3 weeks ago
crew10x - CREW10

Which airline? I‘m going to book my next flight there. 😂💯🔞

evanerz - evan 3 weeks ago
evanerz - evan

my moms a flight attendant i should tell her to make one

gnicka - Bruce Bruce 3 weeks ago
gnicka - Bruce Bruce

So this is what y’all do while we wait in the hangar to board the flight it’s not because plane is fueling up haha

appleciv - Andrea 3 weeks ago
appleciv - Andrea

You all realize flight attendants don’t board the passengers right? That’s what gate agents are for. 🤦🏻‍♀️

tommytrommy - Tommy Trommy 3 weeks ago
tommytrommy - Tommy Trommy

Captain on the intercom: "Are you sure she works with us? if she does, " *inhales* " Huston, we have a problem"

_kat_k_ - Kat 3 weeks ago
_kat_k_ - Kat

None of you guys are flight attendant as yet still think you can correct her on everything???? It doesn’t add up

angguapo - NYCFlips 3 weeks ago
angguapo - NYCFlips

Now we know what’s happening as we patiently wait for our group to be called 😏😳‼️

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