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#duet with @hoshypoo rudeeeee 😭😭😭


Sick of me yet 😂😤😤


😂 always gotta do this sound when it pops up on my feed to remind myself How much cringe I make for OF

@angryirishviking asked for a blind react LMFAOOO

#duet with @mega5cosplay so yeah like go follow my girl 💖💖 don’t mind me I’m my normal adult juiced >_> also her OF is um yeah fireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Duet? 🥺🥺



Come with me 💖 albedo content for O.F

😂😂😂 Jfc they called me outside for this

Annnd yeah okay I’m putting it up for now tomorrow will be fun 😂

Quick try on for tomorrow OMG I love it but oof my booty is a bit to big for the skirt 😭😭 so imma need to alter and make my own ears n tail

Send help  workout routines for a super busy lifestyle 😭😭😭

Shoutout to the coffee bean stuck in my tooth Buahah BUT TYYYYY please lemme know if these are customs or something or I can promote the shop 😱

I dunno how to explain it at all cus he gets to do a lot of stuff but at the same time I’m like ehhhhhhhhhh on riding a bike around the block alone

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